I’m not a single traveler anymore..

Its just happened in the blink of an eye. I never imagine, that i will marry someone, in fact i don’t even think that i could to doin that (walking down the isle with someone i love).

When i met my husband, i already in a relationship with my officemate for 3,5 years but we still didnt go to amywhere. My relationship went well, but my gut told me that he was not the one i was looking for.

Mybe i cant move forward from my past relationship which leave scar yet bitter in my heart.

Until that day when i met my husband, personally i didnt feel amything especially it was a really bad time to me. I was thinking to make a live in another country and i thought philipines will be my next home. But honestly i dont know how to make a living there. I suprised that my husband been 2.5 years in there, so i made a short conversation about philipines, manila especially.

Who knows that my short question will lead me to know him better? In the second class, i felt that he had some interest and i didnt want to put my self back into a wrong relationship anymore.

One time, sudenly he came to my house. Met my family. And the next moment, he already sat in a dinner table with my big family.

At that time, after so many years living in a doubt, finally i can see it clearly. Seems that there was an invisible hands put him in the very right situations. Mybe it pull the trigger that cause the strong feeling that i already hold the last pieces of the most complicated puzzle that i never fixed.
I found the answer, and i chose to believe my gut that he’ ll be my end of searching.

It didnt take much time to stay on doubt. We were merried November 11 th 2014. 15 months since our first met, a few months dating and only 3 months preparation.

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