Single Traveler – Where to Stay?

I traveled to Manila and Beijing on August 1st, and that was my first experience travel abroad alone. As budget traveler i use to stay in hostel with my friends, but if i go alone i use to stay in budget hotel whenever i travel.

At first i hesitated to stay in hostel, because i was alone. I thought that it could be dangerous because i had no friends to kept me safe and it scared me to sleep alone with strangers.

Im a kind of person who always chalenge my self to get away from my comfort zone. Instead of going crazy imagining something that might not happen, i choose another option. Being Brave, to proof that most of time, our mind always have the worst scenario.

And i finally booked a hostel in Manila (thank God, there was a room for female only), but i still booked a private room in Beijing for some reason at first.

What i found out, it was my best experience to stay in hostel. Maybe because i traveled alone so i had to survive in that situation. There was a big different for me to traveled alone and traveled with friends. If you travel with friends, you will focus on to have fun with them, but if you travel alone, you will focus on to build a new relationship with others and because you alone in strange place you need to get the right information about that place, maybe asking direction and looking for best place to get food. So u have to push your self to talking with strangers, and its a good thing that finally you can make new friends and sharing experience with them.

Another reason, hostel is a place like home. We use common bathroom, PC, kitchen and livingroom. At this time im not talking about a home with maid. In short, u have to clean or wash your own dishes after use it. Breakfast is always the best time to meet another guest and hopefully, u can have a friend to walk with.

So, if you need new adventures, or maybe you just need a comfort place like home, or maybe you just want to looking for a cheap room to get some rest for some hours because you dont want to waste your time just to stay a in hotel, and even if you just want to stay a whole day and just want to make a new friends, you can try to stay in hostel. If you travel alone (especially for women), for your safety, just make sure that you get the dorm for female only and dont leave your valuable thing unattended and bring your own goodlock if necessary.

Personally, I found out that hostel is better than hotel. Its worth for money because actually we just need a place to sleep. You dont want to just stay in expensive hotel and doing nothing in your vacation, right?

MNL Hostel - Makati

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