Bali Island, Heaven on Earth

Bali island, is one of the popular destination in the world. Even located in Indonesia, Bali has its own culture and religion. Everytime i go to Bali, i feel like entering another country, you can always find a woman with bikini, short pants, loud music and party in every corner, beer and  things you can’t find in another part of Indonesia.

At the same time, all the crazy things above mixed with the culture and strong religion of balinese. You can find a uniquely tradition, culture and their devotion to Gods.

The most favourite place for budget traveler is in Legian Area, near of the Kuta Beach. there are so many cheap hostels, shopping area, pub, money changer, and restaurant along the way.

My Favourite place is Uluwatu beach, it takes arround 2 hours driving (by motorcycle) from Legian. Bali is getting crowded, so i usually rent a motorcycle to reach every place in Bali to avoid traffic jam.

If you have plan to visiting Bali and want to have fun and meeting youth arround the world in a very good price, you can choose Legian area as the place to stay. But if you need some place to relax and look for inner peace, you can consider Ubud as your destination. There are so many beautiful spot in Ubud, such as; Hindus temple, rice terrace and monkey forrest.

Ubud is a very famous place, and its expensive too. The famous movie ‘ Eat, pray, Love’  (based on best seller novel by Elizabeth Gilbert ) took place in Ubud.

No matter what you choose, Bali is friendly for any traveler. The island of Gods, The heaven on earth.

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